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Pyro_30280000 2022-06-19 11:02:33
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    I have 4 par lights and I created 4 Dmx fixture   Positions in finale 1is the master the other 3 are the slaves in Finale3d now in the actual real world fixtures do I set 1 as the master and the 3 other fixtures as the slaves or do I make them all master ?

    I am thinking that if I did that I would I would only have to make 1 position  as the master in finale and the other 3 set to it as slaves in the real world is that correct?

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    Hi Pyro_30280000,


    Check out the ‘Slave Fixtures’ article from our documentation:


    Here’s and excerpt from the opening paragraph: “In the physical world, the slave fixtures can be wired to their masters in special “slave” mode, or they can simply be configured to listen to the same DMX channel range as the masters, just like in Finale 3D.”

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