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MyThreeSonsPyro 2022-09-16 19:27:31
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    I created a script for a basic 5 minute show that I am going to be doing and I was thinking of firing it with a step script.  I have never created a step script before in Finale.  Can you tell me how this would be done and exported to fire using a cobra firing system?  I am basically firing two shells at a time (with the exception of the 6” shells and chains at the end).  Thanks – Josh

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    Hi Josh, the Cobra system has three semi-automatic firing modes, “Separate Scripts By Tracks”, “Step By Tracks”, and “Step By Events”. You can read more about the modes in our Cobra documentation here:


    Here’s a quick summary of the modes:

    “Step By Events” – Use this mode to fire the items in your script one at a time by pressing the STEP button on your remote

    “Step By Tracks” – Use this mode to fire sequences of items one at a time by pressing the STEP button on your remote.

    “Separate Scripts by Tracks” – Use this mode to assign a segments of a show to buttons 1-18 on your remote


    You mentioned that you want to fire more than one item at a time, so I think “Step By Tracks” would be a good fit.


    Check out this article: Dividing a show into sequences for semi-automatic firing using the “Track” field


    In short, all you have do to is unhide the Track column using the blue gear icon on the Script window, then assign track numbers to your script. If you want the first two shells in your show to be fired with a single button press, enter 1 in the track column. If you want the next five shells to fire with a single button press, enter 2 in the track column, so on and so forth. A track can be a single item, multiple items firing simultaneously, or multiple items spread out over a period of time. All you need to do is divide the script up by entering values in the track column of the Script window. When you’re ready to export your script, make sure you choose the correct script type in the Export Options dialog.

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