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EhrlichFire 2024-06-17 02:47:09
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    I wanted to use the Quota Column in Finale to monitor how many effects want to use in a show. However, when I tried to enter a Quots number for an effect the number does not load in My Effects. How do I enter quantities for Quotas?


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    Hey EhrlichFire, check out Quota in Table 1 of Inventory management basic instructions.


    Since a “Quota” is the quantity earmarked for a specific show, the numbers need to be entered in Per-show effects. An easy way to set quotas is to create a spreadsheet with two columns “Part Number” and “Quantity”. Then, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and import it into Finale 3D by going to File > Import > Import quotas for show. This will populate the part numbers and quotas into Per-show effects. Once they are in Per-show effects, they will show through into My Effects and any other effect collection. Optionally, you can then go to Effects > Update Per-show effects to pull all the other details for the products into Per-show effects.

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