Account Setup & Licensing

Overview & Licensing

The video gives a quick introduction to the Finale 3D software and licensing structure.
Lite vs. Hobbyist vs. Pro | Key features compared

How do I get started with Finale 3D? What are the key differences between Lite, Hobbyist and Pro? Watch this video to find out.
System Requirements | Selecting a Computer for Finale 3D

This tutorial explains the system requirements for Finale 3D and provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to easily compare options when shopping for a new computer.
Creating an Account

A short video demonstrating how to create a Finale 3D account online and directly in the Finale 3D software.
Accessing Supplier Catalogs

Finale 3D includes catalogs of fireworks simulations created and maintained by some of the most well-known suppliers and renowned manufacturers from around the world. This video demonstrates how to subscribe to supplier catalogs and access them in Finale 3D.
Assigning Licenses

This video demonstrates how to assign Finale 3D licenses. This is only necessary for companies with multi-user, multi-license environments. If you are an individual with one or more licenses, no assignment is necessary - your licenses are automatically assigned to you at purchase.
Switching Computers (Resetting Machine Activations)

This video demonstrates how to move your Finale 3D license from one computer to another. Each Finale 3D license is for a single user and a single machine. Follow this process if you need to transfer your license from one computer to another. You can transfer you Finale 3D license up to 12 times per year.
Connecting Finale Inventory to Finale 3D

This video demonstrates how to connect Finale Inventory to Finale 3D. Finale Inventory is a web-based inventory management system and is available for purchase separately from Finale 3D. For more information about Finale Inventory, visit
Finale Inventory Connection Settings

This video demonstrates how to configure settings for the connection between Finale 3D and Finale Inventory.