Reports, Labels, and Diagrams

Creating Custom Reports

This video demonstrates how to modify an existing report and create a new custom report from scratch. Please note that report customization is only available in the Pro version of Finale 3D.
How to customize labels (adding content to labels)

This tutorial video gives an overview of the label customization options. These features are only available in the Pro version of Finale 3D. This video shows how to create a new label template starting from an existing template, and how adjust the contents of a label.
Creating a custom report for total NEQ by Hazard Classification

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a custom report that shows the sum total of Net Explosive Quantity (NEQ) based on Hazard Classification (1.3G versus 1.4G). The process involves using the Script window and the Report Configuration dialog to combine rows of script. This same technique can be used to get the subtotal, sum, or grand total for other columns in the Script window including, Cost, Customer Numeric Field, Devices, NEQ, Price, Tubes, and Weight.
Combining rows in the Script window and exported reports

This video tutorial demonstrates how to combine lines or rows of script using 'Groups', how to export the Script window to an Excel spreadsheet, and how to create a custom report that consolidates or combines rows of script.
Printing labels for specific items (filtering labels)

Sometimes, you may only want to print labels for certain items in your show. The tutorial demonstrates how to do exactly that. The process involves filtering the script to only show the items for which labels are needed, and then applying that filter to the blueprint for your labels.
Custom report highlighting based on firing system address

This video tutorial demonstrates how to customize the highlighting of rows in a report. For example, instead of highlighting every other row, highlighting can be used to draw attention to each row that includes a different firing system address.