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Software Documentation

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Basic Last updated: March 22, 2023

4 Download and installation

The Pro and Hobbyist and Trial versions of Finale 3D are all the same download. When you login to the application with your login email, the features that are available to you depend on the licenses that you’ve bought or that your company has bought and assigned to your login email from the “ > My Account > Assign Licenses to Other People” page. You can verify what licenses you have from the “ > My Account > Machine Activations” page, which is also the page you go to if you need to transfer your license to another machine.


Download page

The “ > Download” page includes links to all recent versions of the software. The top download link is the most current, and is the version we recommend downloading. Download the software to your hard drive and install to the default location. Sometimes when you launch the installer, the installer dialog appears behind other windows, leaving you to wonder what is going on. If you launch the installer and nothing seems to happen, hide other windows to see if the installer dialog is hidden underneath. If you are installing an update, make sure to exit the application first, before attempting to reinstall.


Virus protection programs

Anti-virus programs sometimes flag downloads as suspicious or dangerous even when they are not. Occasionally, some anti-virus programs flag the Finale 3D download as suspicious and prevent the download or execution. If this problem occurs for you, please check the download with some other virus protection services to determine if the problem is a false positive or is a legitimate issue. The free website,

will check a file or URL against 30 or so virus services to test if any of them recognizes a threat. To use this service, download the Finale 3D installer onto your hard drive, then go to and choose the “File” option and select the Finale 3D installer file. In just a minute or two, you will see a summary of the findings from the anti-virus services. If any of the findings indicate a threat, please contact to report the issue.