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Basic Last updated: January 8, 2024

5 Account setup

Congratulations on your purchase of Finale 3D! This page includes instructions for activating or moving licenses between computers, assigning licenses to other company employees, and connecting to the company inventory account (if the company uses Finale Inventory).  All these settings are menu items in the “My Account” menu at the top of the website after you login to the website.  Skip over any steps you don’t care about, and follow the instructions that you need:

    1. Activating machine licenses.  Each Finale 3D license that you buy or that is assigned to you automatically creates a machine activation on the first machine you log into. If you need to change machines because the machine breaks or for some other occasional need, please click the Reset Machine button to clear the machine activation. Then the license will automatically create a machine activation on the next machine you log into. You can reset the machine activations for each license up to 12 times per year. If you need to change computers more often than that, you can buy additional machine licenses for a small cost to extend the number of machines a user license can operate on.

      Figure 1 – Reset machine activation video tutorial


    1. Assigning licenses to other company employees.  Individuals who purchase Finale 3D for themselves can ignore this step, because when you purchase a license it is automatically assigned to you (the purchaser) by default.  If you are the administrator or owner of a fireworks company, however, you can purchase all the licenses that your company needs, and you can assign them — or re-assign them — to your employees (for example, if an employee leaves the company, you can re-assign the license to a different employee).The ‘Assign Licenses to Other People’ page shows all the licenses you have purchased, and who they are currently assigned to.  At any time, you can click on the “Assignee email” field and re-assign a license to a different user.  The user you assign the license to doesn’t even need to have a Finale 3D account at the time you make the assignment.  Whether he already has an account or makes his account later, the next time he logs in with the assignee email address, he will see the license assigned to him in the Machine Activations page.

      Figure 2 – Assigning licenses video tutorial


    1. Configuring what supplier catalogs are downloaded to your computer.  Supplier catalogs are commercially available effects lists (with simulations) managed by suppliers.  When you subscribe to supplier catalogs, they appear as options in the blue selector menu in Finale 3D’s Effects window. You will receive updates to these collections automatically when suppliers update their specifications or simulations.  You can subscribe to any of the supplier catalogs, or none of them. Finale 3D takes a little longer to launch and check for updates the more catalogs you subscribe to, so to keep things fast it is usually best to subscribe only to the catalogs you expect to use.

      Figure 3 – Supplier catalog video tutorial


    1. Connecting to a Finale Inventory accountFinale 3D can connect directly to your own Finale Inventory account if you have one, or indirectly to a Finale Inventory account that another user (usually the owner or administrator of the account) gives you access to. If you don’t have an account yourself, then please leave the inventory connection fields blank.  If you have a Master Inventory account from Finale Business, please copy/paste the URL from your Finale Business account page settings into the URL field (the first field), and enter your existing Finale Business username and password (not your 3D login email) in the next two fields.  If you have a paid Finale Inventory account, copy/paste the URL that you use to access your account from the web (it looks like,, and enter whatever username and password you use to access Finale Inventory in the next two fields. If you are the administrator of an inventory account for a company or club, you can grant permissions to allow other Finale 3D users to access the inventory account that you are directly connected to, and you can control whether these users have the ability to make changes or see prices. You can also turn off your own ability to make changes, if all you want is read-only access. To add users, just enter the email address they use to login to Finale 3D (or will use if they don’t yet have an account). The next time they login, they will see this inventory.

      Figure 4 – Finale Inventory connection video tutorial


  1. Adjusting settings for the Finale Inventory accounts you are connected to.   Your Finale 3D application can connect to multiple Finale Inventory accounts at the same time.  For example, if you work for a company, you may have access to that company’s inventory account.  Yet you may also have access to your own inventory account, or to a club inventory account.    All of the inventory accounts that you have connected to directly or been given access to will appear on the Finale Inventory Settings page, so you can configure them.    With each inventory, you have some options. Turn off ‘Download Inventory’ to completely ignore that Finale Inventory. Turn on ‘Chains Count As One’ if the Finale Inventory quantities for chains of N shells are just one for the whole chain. Turn on ‘Available Column Does Not Include Unreceived Purchase Orders’ if you want ‘Available’ to mean simply quantity on hand minus quantity reserved for sales orders. Turn on ‘Break Apart And Recombine Assortment Quantities In Sales Orders’ if you want to convert sales order quantities from generic assorted shells to the specific shells in the assortment.

    Figure 5 – Finale Inventory settings video tutorial