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6 Finale Inventory prices and features

Finale Inventory ( is a top-ranked inventory management system used by e-commerce companies, fireworks display, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing companies, and other businesses ranging from “Mom and Pop” size businesses with a few orders per month to some of the largest companies in the world, with over a million transactions per month.

While today Finale Inventory is used by all kinds of companies, it was originally developed specifically for fireworks display companies, so from its very early stages it has always had specialized inventory management features that fireworks companies need, like ATF-compliant “Daily Summary of Magazine Transactions” (DSMT reports), management of packed shows, and user interface design options that are suited for fireworks companies that may have dozens or even hundreds of items in their sales orders.

Finale Inventory is a separate software service from Finale 3D, but they are seamlessly integrated with each other to facilitate designing shows with real-time access to your inventory quantities on hand, or available, optionally taking into consideration reservations or unreceived orders.  You can create sale orders in Finale Inventory and then design shows in Finale 3D filtered to the exact items in the sale order.  You can design a show in Finale 3D and update a Finale Inventory sale order based on the items you’ve used in your show design.  Or you can go back and forth.

The integration with Finale Inventory also enables you to share your Finale Inventory inventory list with other employees or contractors through their own Finale 3D licenses; and you can control permissions like hiding prices or enabling/preventing making changes.

You can find out about Finale Inventory from, but when you buy a license for it you’ll want to buy one of the “Pyro” service plans that has the Finale 3D integration.  The available plans and their prices are described in Table 1.


Table 1Finale Inventory prices and features

Finale Inventory Plan Price Users Storage Containers / Magazines Barcode Scanner Support Software Integrations
Pyro Basic $99/month 2 users 2 No Finale 3D
Pyro Small $199/month 4 users 10 No Finale 3D
Pyro Medium $349/month 6 users 20 Yes, up to 2 barcode scanners Finale 3D, and up to 4 others (Quickbooks, Shipping, POS, etc.)
Pyro Large $449/month 8 users 30 Yes, up to 4 barcode scanners Finale 3D, and up to 8 others (Quickbooks, Shipping, POS, etc.)
Pyro Custom $649/month 12 users (more available at additional cost) Unlimited Yes, up to 8 barcode scanners Finale 3D, and unlimited others (Quickbooks, Shipping, POS, etc.), and API Access for your own custom integrations


Table 2 – Files

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letter_of_determination.pdf Letter of Determination from ATF