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IntermediateLast updated: February 26, 2020

7 Saving a backup file of your effects list

If you ever want to save a backup file of your My Effects effects list or your Finale Inventory effects list, you can export the effects window as an ExcelXLS file, or you can copy and save your effects as an effects file in Finale’s effect file format, FDB. Both methods are easy to do and will not lose any data, so after saving the backup file, you can open it later and copy its contents back into a new effects file or into your My Effects or Finale Inventory effects list.


Procedure to save effects list as Excel XLS file

  1. From the blue gear menu of the effects window, do “Export table…” and save it as an XLS format file.
  2. Later on, you can open up the XLS in Excel, select all, control-C to copy.
  3. Then go back to the effects window in Finale 3D, select all, and press delete to delete everything in that window.
  4. Finally, press control-V to paste the backup you copied from Excel into the effects window.


Procedure to save effects list as an FDB file

  1. Press control-A to select all in the effects window, and then press control-C to copy all.
  2. Then, from the blue selector menu of the same window, do “Effects files > New effects file” which creates an empty local effects file.
  3. Looking at the empty new effects file in the effects window, do control-V to paste into it.
  4. Then do “Effects files > Save effects file… (fdb)” to save it as a local file on your computer.
  5. Later on, do “Effects files > Open effects file…”, select all, control-C to copy, switch to view the effects collection you want to paste into using the blue selector in the upper right of the effects window, press control-A to select-all, press the delete to delete everything, and press control-V to paste the backup contents back into this collection.