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PyroDad 2024-06-12 17:20:39
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    I have always had issues getting the labels correctly aligned. Each printer seems to be an individual. At some point I gave up and started to print the labels on A4 sized sticker and just cut them out using a sharp surgeon knife. Very laborious indeed. I have considered bying a good quality thermal label printer to do the job but I kinda like the colors in the labels. Makes easier to spot errors. Please share any good products/practises that you have with labels and label printers. Thanks.

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    I have found that if I open the label PDF in Acrobat Reader and make sure the print settings are correct from the Finale docs I have no issues getting the to print perfectly.  I’ve used probably 8 different printers over the last few years, some mine, some other peoples and it’s worked.

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    Something I posted last year:


    “If you have a manual paper tray option, use it instead of just putting your labels into the normal paper tray. With such small tolerances, label stock can quickly lose alignment when it’s picked up and rotated  by printer rollers. On my commercial laser printer, I lose my label text off the side until I pop down my manual feed tray – then everything works well!”

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