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Cobra Firing Systems

The COBRA system can support all types of shows including manual, scripted, and full pyromusical shows. Our design philosophy focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use at all levels. For example, to manually fire a show, you can simply arm the units and begin pressing buttons. There are no complex menus or features you need to use to employ the basic functions.

COBRA is a unique system in that its advanced features don’t get in the way of the most basic firing features. For example, to manually fire a module, simply power on the hand-held remote, arm, and start pressing buttons. It’s truly that simple!

Supported Firing Modes
  1. Standard script. Press a button to start a traditional show or Pyromusical.
  2. Step script by events. Press a button for each event.
  3. Separate scripts by tracks. Press a button to trigger the corresponding track ("mini script").
  4. Step scripts by tracks. Press a button to advance to the next track ("mini script").
Special Features
  1. Accounting for returns. The new COBRA v6.0 format, supported by Finale Inventory and Finale 3D, enables the user to keep track of items returned to inventory that didn't fire ("reverse logistics").
  2. User-defined pulse time. COBRA v6.0 and later firmware supports a user-defined pulse duration for which cue is to be energized, which you can define in Finale 3D.
  3. Multi-hit pins. Supported in the COBRA v6.0 script format and with manual addressing in Finale 3D, multi-hit pins enable non-pyro effects like flames and relays that can be triggered multiple times.
  4. Hazard class. COBRA v6.0 and later firmware recognizes the “Hazard” field of Finale 3D, which is exported as a text field identifying a class of events that can be disabled on the fly based on conditions during the show.