Galaxis G-Flame

The Galaxis flame projector G-Flame is a new type of flame projector, which is extremely versatile in indoor, outdoor and special effects applications and is equipped with numerous features.

In comparison to other products on the market, the Galaxis flame effect devices achieve much higher flame heights and a much fuller and therefore more beautiful flame pattern with a low noise level (ideal for stage/TV).

DMX channels
  1. Flame Effect, Channel 1 (DMX Channel Base + 0) -- Ignition (0 = OFF, 255 = ON)
  2. Safety Channel (separately configurable), Channel 1 (DMX Channel Base + 0) -- Safety channel (0-152 = OFF, 153-204 = ON, 205-255 = OFF)
Special Features
  1. Safety channels for G-Flame fixtures are independently configurable allowing a single safety channel to span multiple fixtures.