Differentiating between types of cakes when assigning addresses

This video demonstrates how to use the 'Category' field in the Effects window to differentiate between standard cakes and single-row cakes (i.e., cake slices) when assigning addresses in Finale 3D.
Putting multiple items on the same pin (2 ways)

Allowing multiple items to be wired into the same firing system pin (i.e., cue) is a commonly practice to conserve the amount of firing system equipment needed to produce a show. This video tutorial demonstrates how to accomplish this using the 'Max. e-matches per pin' setting in the Address Show dialog. For more advanced scenarios, this video also demonstrates how to precisely control which sets of effects are allowed to share the share the same pin using a combination of the 'Group' feature and pin restriction constraint in the Address Show dialog.
Fixing ‘Type’ for addressing with single-shots first

This video demonstrates how to troubleshoot addressing issues caused by effects that have the wrong 'Type'. The values for Type are predefined, and include: shell, comet, mine, cake, candle, single shot, ground, and a few others. If an effect has the wrong Type, it can cause various, especially when it comes to assigning addresses and loading racks.
Fixing wiring errors caused by ‘Pre-assigned rails’

This video demonstrates how fix wiring errors that are the result of a shortage of pre-assigned rails. Depending on the firing system, "rail" is synonymous with "module". Wiring errors can occur when using pre-assigned rails (i.e., pre-assigned modules) if not enough rails are assigned to accommodate the number of effects. For example, if a position has only one pre-assigned rail with 32 pins, and the position has 35 items at different event times, then 3 items will be left over after addressing and will display "error" in the Rail and Pin columns of the Script window.
Sharing fireTEK modules and slats across multiple positions

The fireTEK firing system utilizes multiple slats for each firing system module. This video demonstrates how to share fireTEK modules and slats between multiple positions on a shoot site.
How to Share Modules Between Positions

This video demonstrates how to share firing system modules across multiple firing positions. The process involves putting positions in the same 'Section' and making a few addressing adjustments.