How to ‘Group’ Items on the Timeline

This quick tutorial demonstrates how to use the \'Combine as Group\' feature to keep the timeline and script window organized, make it easy duplicate sequences, and precisely control the number of e-matches applied to each pin when addressing a show.
Inserting and Replacing Effects with Keyboard Hotkeys/Shortcuts

This is a quick demonstration of using the \'W\' hotkey to insert effects, and the \'Y\' hotkey to replace effects in Finale 3D.
Mastering Angles – Pan, Tilt & Spin

This tutorial explains the angle system in Finale 3D and gives a few examples using common fireworks/pyrotechnic effects.
Creating a sequence of comets (V-shaped pairs, firing center out)

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the \'Duplicate into pairs\' and \'Make into sequence\' features to create a sequence of V-shaped comets firing from the center to the outside across 9 firing positions.
Fixing Pan angles

If you have effects in your show that aren\'t shooting at the angle you expect then this tutorial is for you. The problem is most likely that you accidentally changed the Pan angle for some items in your script. This can happen if you drag the trajectory of an effect while viewing your show form above or another camera viewpoint other than the front.