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Hobbyist Pro Last updated: May 29, 2024

11 Safety Distance report

The Safety Distance report lists the positions and the relevant safety distance information.  The “Position Safety Distance” is a property of the positions themselves, editable in the Positions window or in the Position Properties dialog.  For each position, the report compares the Position Safety Distance with the maximum “Safety Distance” field of the effects launched at the position.  Rows with inadequate Position Safety Distance values are highlighted in red.


Figure 1 – The Safety Distance report highlights rows for positions with inadequate safety distances.


The Safety Distance report is generated from the script rows by sorting the rows by position and combining together all the rows for each position.  The combining operation for the effects’ Safety Distance field takes the maximum value of the combined rows.   Figure 2 shows the combining operation in the report configuration dialog, which you can edit from the Script window’s blue gear menu, “Edit report template…”


Figure 2 – Script rows at the same position are combined, resulting in one row per position.


The highlighted rows of Figure 1 result from conditional formatting settings in the report configuration dialog.  Option C of paragraph 6 in the dialog compares the “Effect Safety Distance” of each row to the Position Safety Distance, as shown in Figure 3.  The Effect Safety Distance in script rows is simply a reference to the Safety Distance field of the effect definitions in the Effects window.


Figure 3 – The conditional formatting parameters highlight fields based on logical expressions.