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DB 2023-04-03 01:56:06
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    I copied one of the Cobra Par effect to My Effects and I tried to modify it to cycle through all the colors for 45 seconds instead of just one at a time. When I add the modified light to a position and run it, it explodes like it’s a pyro position. Strangest thing.
    What did I do wrong?

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    Hello! If you mean that the effect looks like a shell breaking instead of a light flash, that probably means the VDL field of the effect got messed up in your modifications.  As a problem solving method, I’d suggest you first go back to the original effect and confirm that it works.  And then make changes to it one at a time until you reach the change that changes it from a triangular light beam simulation to an exploding shell.


    For basic DMX, follow the instructions here:


    DMX basic instructions


    I don’t know how you would modify a single DMX flash effect to cycle through all the colors.  Can you you describe in detail what you did, and provide screen shots?





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