FIREMASTER PLUS is one of the world’s most reliable and powerful wireless firing system produced since 1990 from PARENTE FIREWORKS GROUP.

Born as a technical necessity to eliminate the problems and inconveniences of normal cable systems, FIREMASTER was introduced into the professional market in 1996, sharing the century-old pyrotechnic experience of PARENTE FIREWORKS GROUP. The FIREMASTER firing system was integral in achieving three titles in the Guinness Book of Records. The TWO-WAY radio equipment inside the FIREMASTER is a fully-certified, proprietary R.F. module, recognized by  Internationals Competent Bodies. FIREMASTER PLUS, now at its fifth version, has increased its performance by adding new functions and extending the line number capability while retaining the full compatibility with previous versions to guarantee the initial user’s investment over the time.
Supported Firing Modes
  1. Standard script. Press a button to start a traditional show or pyromusical.
  2. Semi-automatic by steps. Press a button to trigger the next effect or sequence.
  3. Semi-automatic by random access.  Press a button corresponding to a track in the script.
Special Features
  1. Use Tracks in Finale 3D to define sequences corresponding to cues, or let Finale 3D define sequences automatically for fast paced events.
  2. Adjust the minimum separation between sequences.
  3. Set an offset for the automatic sequence numbers.