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PyroMaster was created with a view to new solutions and additional functionality in pyrotechnics. Our priority is reliability and the highest level of control during the show. That is why we focus our efforts on finding and implementing innovation in this area. We believe that this will benefit not only our brand, but also the entire pyrotechnic industry. We rely on the experience of our team – experts in many fields – which gives us a constant source of knowledge from which we draw inspiration for further development of the system. We are there to give you the highest level of control and minimize stress so that you can simply enjoy your work.

Supported Firing Hardware
  1. Slave 24. 24 pin module.
  2. Slave 48. 48 pin module.
  3. Sequencer.  24 pin module.
  4. Slave 240.  Module capable of driving 240 pins distributed by way of Replicator slats.
  5. Replicator.  Configurable 12 pin slat.
Special Features
  1. Automatically assign firing system addresses for large shows.
  2. Templates ("blueprints") for different addressing rules for different sections of the show.
  3. Use Replicator slats to distribute pins to rack clusters or positions for optimal wiring.