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Last updated: August 10, 2020

14 Sleeving effects into different size mortars

Effects will fit into rack tubes of the same size for the right kind of rack, based on the effect’s “Type” field.  Candles fit into candle racks.  Single-shots fit into single-shot racks.  Cakes fit into cake racks.  Shells, mines, and comets fit into mortar racks.   Obviously single-shots can also be shells, mines, or comets in the physical world, but effects have a single Type in the Finale 3D software, and that is what determines what kind of rack the effects fit into (see Why is ‘Type’ so important? What depends on it?).  In practice, however, you may have reason to put candles or single shots into your mortar racks, notwithstanding their Type.  This practice is called sleeving.

To sleeve effects in Finale 3D, you simply set the “Sleeve” field of the effects to the mortar size you want them to fit into.   Then when you address the show or drag and drop pins in the rack layout view, the effects will fit into mortar racks of the specified size, no matter what their actual Type and Size are.


Figure 1 – Example of six 2″ roman candles and some 3″ racks that would be nice to put them into.


The example shown in Figure 1 has six 2″ candle effects that do not fit into the 3″ mortar racks because of their Type and Size.  Right-click on the effects in the script window to set their Sleeve field, as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2 – Right-click the effects in the script to set their “Sleeve” field to 3″ to make them fit into 3″ racks.


The menu item will bring up the dialog shown in Figure 3.  You can select multiple effects and right click on any of them to set the Sleeve of all of them at once, or if you know that you want to sleeve all similar effects in the entire show, you can right-click on any one of them and check the “Apply to all instances of this effect” box in the dialog.


Figure 3 – Check the “Apply to all instances of this effect” box to apply to all effects with the same part number.


The Sleeve field is one of the columns in the script table.  It is hidden by default.  From the blue gear menu you can unhide the column to look at the Sleeve values, as shown in Figure 4.  Inches and millimeters are compatible representations for sleeving effects, so long as they are within a small tolerance.  For example, 75mm and 76mm sizes both fit into 3″ rack tubes as well as 75mm and 76mm tubes.


Figure 4 – Unhide the “Sleeve” column to examine the sleeve field of the effects in the show, which are blank by default.


Having set the Sleeve fields to 3″, the empty racks shown in Figure 1 will hold the candles without errors when you re-address the show.  Figure 5 shows the result after sleeving and re-addressing.


Figure 5 – After re-addressing, the candles with the 3″ sleeve fields  will fit into 3″ mortars.