• thank you
    I hope it goes

  • Hi.

    It seems that the ability to transfer DMX scripts to FXCommander has been added from Finale3d-installer-2024.02.05-e6526f1a9 (BETA RELEASE).
    I installed it right away and tried it out, but I couldn’t figure out how to operate it.
    Please tell me how to transfer Showven’s circle framer DMX script to FXcommander and control it.

  • Hello
    Using Finale 3D for a long time can cause eye strain.
    Can I change the Scripts and Effects window to dark mode?

  • thank you.
    It seems your point is correct.
    We’re also looking forward to the release of the Effects Editor tutorial. I also think that adding various sample effects to the “standard effects” is a very effective method.
    Please consider this positively.


    NEC wrote:
    So, I’ve been playing with the effect editor for a while now and have managed to get some effects built, tweaked things etc. However, I’d love to find some sort of a ‘reference guide’ so I can get proficient. I’ve seen plenty of amazing effects created but I’m having a hard time getting past the basics. Is there something I’ve not fo…

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