For years, the name “Explo Ignition systems” has stood for the manufacture of high quality ignition machines, as well as accessories for pyrotechnics and blasting works. Our goal is to be at the forefront for the development of new devices, and at the same time never to loose track of upgrading existing products.

Explo is located in Klagenfurt, to the south of Austria. All products are being developed, designed, and produced at this location.  This enables us to remain a central contact for any questions our customers might have, and help quickly and efficiently with any troubles.

Supported module configurations
  1. Explo 1K
  2. Explo 5K
  3. Explo 20K
  4. Explo 30K
  5. Explo 70K
  6. Explo 2 x 20K
  7. Explo 3 x 20K
  8. Explo 2 x 20K Offset 10
  9. Explo 3 x 20K Offset 10
  10. Explo Flame Unit
  11. Explo Wave Player
Special Features
  1. Explo X2 Wave Flamer.  The Explo ignition systems can control flame devices and pyro in the same show (See Explo X2 Wave Flamer instructions).
  2. Splitt boxes. Explo ignition systems support partitioning a device’s range of pins into 20-pin “splitt boxes.” Finale 3D supports splitt boxes with powerful addressing and racking features to prevent e-matches from extending out of reach between the firing system pins and the racks (see Slats, virtual slats, and splitter boxes).