Fire Control G2

The Fire Control G2 is the most diverse pyrotechnic control unit on the market. The system lets you control scripts containing both pyrotechnics, relay units and DMX. Use it together with the G2 Converter Box to be able to control your PyroDigital and FireOne field modules.

The G2 interface is designed to give the user a safe and easy to use environment when working with programming, running tests and during show time. The system provides total overview of your projects, shows and effects through it’s library function.

Supported Firing Modules
  1. Pyrodigital (16 pins) and DMX
  2. FireOne (32 pins) and DMX
  3. Fire Control G2 FM16 (16 pins) and DMX
Special Features
Multiple Shows. The Fire Control G2 script organizes sections and subsections of the Finale 3D show file as “shows” and “cues”, corresponding to values in Finale 3D‘s “Track” field. DXM. The Fire Control G2 supports DMX support which can be fully leveraged using the DMX features in Finale 3D.