A thought leader of fireworks firing systems, Firelinx is at the heart of one of the largest theme parks in the world! With its sleek design and impeccable safety features, it is the go-to system for professionals and novice pyros alike.

Firelinx is the only product that meets and exceeds the suggestions in the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1126 Standard for the use of Pyrotechnics.

It is the most technologically advanced and easy to use firing system ever imagined. It is the culmination of ten years of research and development backed by a commitment to customer service. Firelinx represents an evolutionary leap in all the factors that matter to you: power, simplicity, safety, reliability, and of course, freedom!

Supported Firing Modes
  1. SMPTE timecode scripts – Press FIRE button to start industry standard SMPTE timecode to synchronize the show with music.
  2. Manual script firing – Press FIRE button to start to shoot 1 or 1000 events with a single push of the FIRE button; can also be done while firing an SMPTE show.

  3. Manual channel firing – While main show starts automatically, fire any channel manually during the show.
Special Features
  1. Command Module – Firelinx’s Command Module is a pyrotechnic controller that’s easy to use and offers wireless and 2Wire connection to your firing modules. The Command Module uses Firelinx’s patented reliable wireless mesh (US Patent #7,493,859) networking which provides safety level synchronization for all your shows.
  2. Firing Module – Firelinx’s 24-shot firing module utilizes our patented reliable wireless technology and 2Wire communication. With Firelinx, all choreography is locally stored on each firing module, minimizing radio frequency clutter during showtime. Through Firelinx CREWSAFE™  technology independent pin switching allows your team to safely wire and perform continuity checks at the same time – no common ground or shared output.