FireOne is a pioneer in integrated digital firing systems and is recognized worldwide as a world-class firing system. As the technology leader, FireOne products are acclaimed for their precision, reliability and safety. Our system set the Guinness world record for fireworks displays, and is the choice of pyrotechnic professionals for stage shows, touring groups, motion pictures, theme parks, and aerial displays, world-wide.

FireOne continuously challenges existing paradigms to provide the industry with highly reliable, intrinsically safe, cutting edge technology. The unprecedented technology that embodies FireOne’s hardware and software has been developed over decades of research and development, with input from some of the most notable pyrotechnic firms in the world.

Supported Firing Modes
  1. Standard script. Press a button to start a traditional show or Pyromusical (FIR file).
  2. Semi-automatic. Press a button to trigger the corresponding track (SEM file).
Special Features
  1. Visual simulations from existing FIR filesFinale 3D can read in FIR files directly, and create a visual simulation for the show based on the effect names, times, positions, angles, and prefires in the show. It literally takes just a minute or two to create a visual simulation from a FIR file.
  2. Slats.  If you want to divide the 32-pin FireOne modules into slats such as 8-pin slats, Finale 3D supports advanced addressing methods to ensure e-matches can reach the racks associated with the slats.
  3. 30 pin limits.  If you prefer to leave 2 pins on the modules fallow in order to get the better alignment with racks or to get printed labels to fit in label sheets of 30 labels, Finale 3D gives you easy options for using only 30 of the 32 pins, or creating custom variations of the modules for your own purposes.