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Since 1992 Galaxis has been developing and manufacturing radio-operated firing systems to offer you unlimited possibilities for more efficient equipment and for saving working hours. Our goal is the synthesis of wireless firing advantages with reliability and safety.

For many pyrotechnicians working in large scale firework displays, stage pyrotechnics, and theater effects, the Galaxis system has become the most important tool for their daily jobs.

Advanced features in GS2 file
  1. Steppers.  Galaxis controllers user steppers for fast sequences of shots. Finale 3D automatically assigns steppers in the GS2 file whenever the shot timing requires steppers, and Finale 3D also gives you the ability to select groups of effects to put into the same stepper manually.
  2. Split matrix boards.  Galaxis firing systems have a variety of options for distributing ignition pins to different locations, including 100 pin modules and 10-pin slats from split matrix boards. Finale 3D supports these options in the design and layout of the show.
  3. Version 2.6 with device allocation tableFinale 3D supports the most recent version of the GS2 file that includes the device allocation table. After designing and laying out the show in Finale 3D, the process of downloading the script using Pyrotec Composer is very quick. You can save hours of time!
Special Features
  1. Visual simulations from existing GS2 files. Finale 3D can read in GS2 files directly, and create a visual simulation for the show based on the effect names, times, positions, angles, and prefires in the show (the software understands effect names in many languages, including German). It literally takes just a minute or two to create a visual simulation from a Gs2 file.
  2. G-Flame.  You can shoot mixed pyro and flame shows using the Galaxis controller and Galaxis G-Flame units. Finale 3D supports designing the combined show with visualization of both the pyro and the flames. (see Flame systems basic instructions)