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精端燃放設備 Jingduan

精端燃放設備 Jingduan is a firing system manufacturer in Liuyang, China. Their firing systems are used for large shows in China and all around the world.

The Jingduan firing system is excellent for large scale pyromusical firework displays.

Supported Firing Modules
  1. Standard module. 32 pin modules, up to 99 modules, up to 99 hosts.
Special Features
  1. Single script file for multiple controllers. The Universe field in Finale 3D holds the Host Address of the controller. For large scale pyromusicals with multiple controllers, please specify the Host Address of the controllers in the launch positions' "Position Properties" Universe field. These Universe values will be transferred to the script when you address the show and will be represented in the exported script in the Host Address column.