Pyromac has been operating for years in the business of automating of pyrotechnic displays.  Thanks to the experience gained, the company is now able to offer the customer a range of firing system products in order to satisfy all their needs.

Safety, technology and ease of use are the main objectives of our work, which combined with a fair economic evaluation make the finished products successful in the market.

Supported Firing Modes
  1. Standard script. Press a button to start a traditional show or pyromusical.
  2. Semi-automatic. Press a button to trigger the corresponding track ("mini script").
Special Features
  1. DMX and pyro.  Pyromac is one of the first firing systems to support DMX output for controlling flames and other devices.  Finale 3D includes pre-defined simulations and DMX patches for designing flame shows with G-Flame, Explo, or Flamaniac flame systems and controlling the show using Pyromac modules.  Use Finale 3D to design combination shows that include flames and pyro.  The Pyromac firing system can control the entire show!
  2. Multiple module types.  Pyromac 10 Channel, Pyromac 15 Channel, Pyromac 16 Channel, Pyromac 32 Channel