Pyromate has conceived, designed, and manufactured what have arguably become some of the world’s finest and most popular professional electronic firing systems in the pyrotechnics industry.

Pyromate’s electronic ignition firing systems are a favorite with fireworks experts in over 30 countries. This specialized equipment allows pyrotechnicians to coordinate music with light, creating dazzling outdoor experiences for thousands of events all over the globe.

Supported Firing Modules
  1. Pyromate 32 Pin Digital
  2. Pyromate 45 Pin Digital
  3. Pyromate 1-12 45 Pin Analog
  4. Pyromate A-L 45 Pin Analog
  5. SmartShow 32 Pin
  6. Custom Module Specification
Special Features
  1. Timing resolution. The Pyromate digital systems support 1/100th second time resolution; the analog systems support 1/10th second resolution. Finale 3D rounds events to the required time resolution in the export process, and displays a warning in the summary dialog indicating the number of adjustments made.