The PyroSure Wireless firing system is manufactured using industry leading components from around the world.

Fully encrypted, PyroSure sets up a communication network at 2.4 ghz. Scanning 12 channels and the frequencies within them, the system establishes a self contained secure private network. Further every communication is protected by multi-level security.

The system is password protected for activation and arming modules. Each digital module has multiple capacitors producing up to 80 amps of current at 30 volts – enough for hundreds of igniters on every one of the 24 cues. PyroSure can reliably and accurately fire sequences at 0.01 seconds across multiple modules.

Supported Firing Modes
  1. Standard script. Press a button to start a traditional show or Pyromusical.
  2. Semi-automatic. Press a button to trigger the corresponding track ("mini script").
Special Features
  1. DMX and pyro.  PyroSure supports DMX output for controlling flames and other devices.  Finale 3D includes pre-defined simulations and DMX patches for designing flame shows with G-Flame, Explo, or Flamaniac flame systems and controlling the show using PyroSure modules.  Use Finale 3D to design combination shows that include flames and pyro.  The PyroSure firing system can control the entire show!
  2. Slats.  PyroSure modules distribute their pins in 4 pin slats, which PyroSure incorporates into their module addressing scheme using two part module/slat addresses like 10-A, 10-B, etc.  Finale 3D supports advanced addressing methods enabling you to specify what position groups can share slats from the same module.  Along with rack layout capabilities, Finale 3D and PyroSure give you control over the show setup that can ensure efficient operations.