The StarFire firing system is developed by ACE Pyro, LLC, a leading American fireworks manufacturer, distributor, and display production company based in Michigan. The StarFire system is designed to be reasonably priced without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The system supports 1/100th of a second timing accuracy and unlimited simultaneous firing of cues. Each StarFire controller can power up to 254 module at 32 cues per module for a total of 8,128 cues. The system runs in wired mode by employing 22 AWG duplex wire or in wireless mode by employing the StarBridge accessory.

Supported Firing Modes
  1. Scripted Show. Press a button or use FSK audio time code to start a fully scripted show or Pyromusical.
  2. SequenceFire. Press a button to instantly trigger a sequence of effects corresponding to a track in Finale 3D.
Special Features
  1. Sequences. Create multiple sequences within a scripted display using the "Track" and "Notes" columns in Finale 3D.
  2. Disable Types. User defined values can be entered in the "Hazard" field of Finale 3D to identify a class of events that can be disabled on the fly based on conditions during the show.