Fire Pioneer

Founded in 2004, LiuYangShi (Gexin Fireworks Firing Systems Technology Company) is the largest producer of fireworks ignition systems and the first producer of computer-fired ignition systems in China. The company offers grid technology and wire control systems, covering the high and the low end of the market.

Supported Firing Modes
  1. Standard script. Press a button to start a traditional show or Pyromusical.
  2. Segments in scripts. The "Track" field in Finale 3D is exported into the "Segment" field of the Fire Pioneer CSV file.
Special Features
  1. Conversion to/from other firing systemsFinale 3D can import scripts from other firing systems or CSV files and export in the Fire Pioneer CSV script format.
  2. Slats.  If you want to divide the 32-pin Fire Pioneer modules into slats such as 8-pin slats, Finale 3D supports advanced addressing methods to ensure e-matches can reach the racks associated with the slats.
  3. Part Number field. Although the Fire Pioneer CSV format does not include a part number field, Finale 3D writes the Part Number of the effect to the “EffectComment1” field.
Technical Documentation