We at Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH are very proud to carry on the legacy of Ken and Bob Nixons’ magnificent Pyrodigital firing system. Pyrodigital was the first digital firing system in the world.

To pioneer digital firing, Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH was founded in 1994 as a firework display and special effect company. As one of the very first Pyrodigital users, we have a great history of success including large-scale pyromusicals, special effect shows and concert tours, e.g. the world tour of the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Tina Turner.

It is our mission to provide our costumers highly reliable products and to support them with our technical knowledge. We give you the technology to realize your visions.

The rock-solid FM3 firing module and the FC3 field controller are some of the most reliable pieces of special effect equipment ever. It is our vision to take this technology to the next level and to set new standards in the future of high-end professional firing systems. We have already introduced the new FM-A firing module and the new FC-A Field Controller and are looking forward to introduce our new Pyrodigital Wireless Equipment soon.

Supported time bases
  1. 30 fps
  2. 29.97 SMPTE DF
  3. 25 fps
  4. 24 fps
Special Features
  1. Create, download, verify, and open PDM files to view their contents.
  2. Timeline snap-to options for all time bases, including SMPTE DF.
  3. Divide a show into multiple universes and automatically generate multiple PDM files for large, multi-controller shows.