The Pyrodigy firing systems is a product of Pyrodigy Production, a company that designs and performs special visual shows: Proteknik Shows, laser shows, professional fireworks shows, water and fire shows and live performances.  The company has been serving Turkey and abroad for 16 years.

The system supports 1/100th of a second timing accuracy and unlimited simultaneous firing of cues. Each master can power up to 220 module at 48 cues per module.  The system is also capable of controlling a set of compatible DMX fixtures including flame units and special effects.

Supported Firing Modes
  1. Master supporting 220 modules. The master controller supports up to 220 modules.
  2. Slave module. Each module supports 48 pins.
Special Features
  1. DMX fixtures. Pyrodigy controllers now have fully general support for DMX fixtures, including 256 independent DMX Universes and 512 channels per DMX Universe.