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DrewFinale 2021-12-20 10:00:51
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  • Barehm
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    Can we split the syncing of My Effects from all the other network operations that happen when we “Sync with Network”?  99% of the time, I just want to save My Effects to the cloud and move on. The extra time rechecking all the inventory catalogs I subscribed to is unnecessary and slows me down. It could save a bit of traffic to your servers too!.  Just something like “Save My Effects”.

    Curtis B
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    It would be nice to have a dedicated interface for creating effects…


    When you click on “Create Effect” or “Edit Effect in VDL window” it would pull up a unique interface that would allow the user to make changes and see them real time. It would be similar to the effects editor window but instead of an entire timeline and full blown visual window, it would size the visual window to the specific size of the effect you are making and the timeline would only be as big as needed for your effect. Another attribute of this would be to return the “play” cursor to the beginning of the timeline so you could see your effect in its entirety without having to press the “beginning” button.


    Another VDL term I would like to see would be the terms Soft and Loud to either decrease or increase the noise of salutes so you don’t have to go into the effects editor to increase or reduce the noise of the break. This would also be helpful when designing new product that has a silent break (like horsetails, falling leaves, etc.) so you can finely tune the VDL without having to go into the effects editor.


    Another feature that would be nice would be to have the ability to create multiple “My Effects” databases so you can have various different personal catalogues saved. For instance, if you have product from years 2020, 2023, and 2024 but they all have various PFT, then it would be nice to have databases to account for this. Another instance this would be useful for would be different shooting sites. Some sites require more PFT due to the proximity of sound and pyro to the crowd where others can get by with little to no PFT. You could utilize a “Create Effect Database” under your profile this way and customize the name for each database you create.

    Højen & Magic
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    The option to choose the distance between positions, instead of the whole lenght when arranging multiple positions.

    Mum Pyrotechnics
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    Cue Limit Indicator


    It would be really helpful to be able to set a cue limit that is either manually entered or based on guns per rack at each pos. I script 2 decently sized shows and lose track of how many cues I have at each position, especially when getting close to done. If there was a way to have some kind of indicator to let me know a position is getting to the limit I set so I don’t have to go into each pos to see how full it is would be a huge help!


    If there is already something out there for this. Someone please let me know.

    Dirk Enders – PyroOffice
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    Hi Mum Pyrotechniks,


    maybe the Show -Show Settings – Show – Show Pin counts (or Pin warning dots ) may help you !




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    Google Map 3D


    – Able to deselect a specific area, e.g. some of the sports stadium on google maps are unfinished then it can be replaced with external SKP Model.

    – Able to rotate the map to make it easier to select specific area.

    – Able to select more than 1 High-details 3D.


    Landscape and Water


    – Able to draw water freely to a specific area.

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    The rack window could use some upgrades.

    There’s more options in a single position, like clicking and dragging that would be nice with all positions up.


    Would be nice to designate if certain positions were clones, or mirrors or something like that. Maybe the tube turns a color other than red to show a pin or tube that mismatches the other clone, so it’s easy to read rack loading diagrams that have almost identical pins/loading but a couple wild-card cues.

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    ok another cool thing to have on rack diagrams is annotations that can have a leader line to each tube, could say things like the product

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    New Feature request : Remember me button on login screen, so we don’t need to enter the password each time Finale is launched.

    Great suggestion. Tip: You can login without entering your password by checking ‘Login offline’. This will also skip syncing with the network. If you need to sync after logging in offline, you can still do from the Effects window drop-down list or File > Sync with network.

    it’s been 2 years, are there any plans to implement this?

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